We like: JavaScript, AngularJS, node.js, PostgreSQL

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Who we are

We are Elmer and Denise from Holland. Elmer is the founder of the company and Denise is an intern learning about computer technology. We are currently travelling through asia looking for people to work with us!


Like everything that you do, working should be fun. If you like what you do you'll get good at it.

What we do

Open source Github

We try to make parts of the projects that we do open source. So we get to give something back to the community.

Commercial projects

If you have a project and need help developing it, we do that. If you are a designer and want your design to be realised, we also do that. Contact us for help!

Consumer services

We design, build and release some services for consumers, like apps and business tools. Right now we dont have anything live (yet) but expect something cool from us soon.

Blog Blogspot

We also have our own blog! On there we blog about issues we came across and solved (so you don't have to figure everything out yourself) or just cool new tecnology we like to give our opinion on and share experiences.

Who we look for

Currently we are looking for enthousiastic developers to work with us. If you are passionate about javascript and have a lot of experience with it or want to learn all about it then please contact us!



Tel: (+31) 6 160 10 738 (faster response)